Monday, January 3, 2022

How many sats should I stream to podcasters?

Podcasting 2.0 is enabling audiences to give value for value received, in a cheap and permission-less way. Most Podcasting 2.0 apps offer the option to set an amount of sats to stream per minute. Choosing the amount is a personal decision that depends on how one values their time and sats. Some might base their amount on Bitcoin’s all time high price. Others might base it on a future valuation.

To help you calculate an optimal sat/minute rate, I made a little spreadsheet. You can find it here.

Start streaming sats and using other cool Podcasting 2.0 features today, head over to!

Sunday, January 24, 2021


Coded in 2016, Avoid was my first game with a high score system. It uses Python 3 and pygame.


The player controls their character with the mouse and avoids contact with enemy sprites. Gradually more and more enemies flood the screen and it gets intense. When the player finally collides with an enemy they are taken to the high score screen. If they scored high enough they input their name and get a place in the high score table.

This game helped me develop a game framework for pygame. One with simple scene switching and motion tweens. You can find the engine at its GitHub page. Avoid can be downloaded from

Bird Hop

Bird Hop is a 2D runner game that I made this month with BlitzMax-NG. You control a cute little yellow bird and jump over obstacles. The speed gradually increases to raise difficulty.


This game was submitted to the “Finally Finish Something” game jam on

Bird Hop was created as a proof-of-concept for my BlitzMax entity component system (ECS). All of the game entities are blobs of components. The systems update sequentially, and relevant entities are provided to them. You can find out more about my ECS on my GitHub.

Bird Hop is published on my profile. Here is a link to the project page.

Outer Space Jellyfish Panic

In October 2017 I took part in a game jam called “Beginner’s Jam.” I used BlitzMax-NG to make a simple arcade space shoot-em-up (SHMUP). The concept was admittedly simple, but it helped me get the project done before the jam’s deadline.


Making this small game was good practice for BlitzMax, and helped me learn some essential concepts, like scene management and collision detection. Crafting a design document before starting to implement anything ensured that I didn’t go beyond the project’s scope.

Outer Space Jellyfish Panic is published on You can get a copy from its project page.

Hello FlatPress

It’s a new year and a new blog! This space will be used to catalogue my past and future projects.

FlatPress is a nice change from WordPress, because it’s lightweight and easy to configure.