Category: Gamedev

  • Maze Game

    Maze Game

    Back in February I joined a game jam for BASIC-style programming languages. I was working with the theme of “maze.” Although I didn’t finish the game in time for the deadline, I did learn a bit on how mazes can be generated using different algorithms. My maze is generated using a simple reverse depth-first search…

  • A Virtual Christmas Gift

    A Virtual Christmas Gift

    I created this virtual Christmas gift. Why not open it and see what’s inside?

  • Bird Hop

    Bird Hop

    Bird Hop is a 2D runner game that I made with BlitzMax-NG. You control a cute little yellow bird and jump over obstacles. The speed gradually increases to raise difficulty. This game was submitted to the “Finally Finish Something” game jam on, which ran from January 1st to February 14th 2021. Bird Hop was…

  • Outer Space Jellyfish Panic

    Outer Space Jellyfish Panic

    In October 2017 I took part in a game jam called “Beginner’s Jam.” I used BlitzMax-NG to make a simple arcade space shoot-em-up (SHMUP). The concept was admittedly simple, but it helped me get the project done before the jam’s deadline. Making this small game was good practice for BlitzMax, and helped me learn some…

  • Avoid


    Coded in 2016, Avoid was my first game with a high score system. It uses Python 3 and pygame. The player controls their character with the mouse and avoids contact with enemy sprites. Gradually more and more enemies flood the screen and it gets intense. When the player finally collides with an enemy they are…